16.12.2016: Juju-Masala-X-Mas

18:30 Uhr; Cuntra, Griesplatz 5, Graz

Alternative Christmas-Party: The Juju Men (Afrobeat & Afro-Funk Orchestra) and the Masala Brass Kollektiv invite you to our common x-mas-party. We would be happy to see you there...

Juju Men und Masala Brass Kollektiv Weihnachtsfeier


18:30 Uhr; Cuntra, Griesplatz 5, Graz  
Hong Deng Blues (by Johannes von Hoyer) - mo.xx - 22.04.2016   
Need alternative brass or a musical interlude? The Masala Brass Kollektiv can be had for a wide...

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